We have a wide selection of bronze, copper, stainless steel, metal and wood caskets. In addition, we also have rental caskets and cremation caskets available. Through our distributors, we can obtain many specially requested caskets within a short time frame. We also offer complete dresses and suits at competitive prices.


We have offered Wilbert Burial Vaults for over 60 years. Wilbert vaults are lined concrete container in which the casket is placed in prior to burial. They include Monarch, Monticello, Continental, Venetian, Stainless Steel Triunes, Copper Triune, Bronze Triune and The Wilbert Bronze.


In addition, we offer many different urns to choose from. An urn is a container in which ashes are placed in following the cremation. They can be suitable for burial or for you to keep at your home.

Monuments and Markers

We also arrange for monuments and markers to be placed in cemeteries. We sell granite and marble upright monuments, ground level markers, ledgers (complete ground covering markers) and mausoleums through W.D. Rowe Monument Company, located in Danville, VA. W.D. Rowe has been in business over 100 years. Our staff also can help you with a purchase of a bronze marker. We will order your marker with your personal specifications, mount it to a granite base, and our staff will install it in the cemetery. Monuments and markers can be installed pre-need or at-need.

Pet Memorials

In addition, we can assist you with a pet memorial as well. Please contact us using our Contact Us email submittal form for any questions regarding merchandise.